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R3 Front Alignment Laser System

R3 Front Alignment Laser System

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Laser alignment for front Toe & Camber

  • The Kelgate R3 Front Laser System calculates Toe and Camber with one simple measurement.  The pair of lasers mount magnetically on the stub axles and provide immediate Toe and Camber readings once the steering is centralised.


    The system is quick and very easy to use.


    Caster gauges are also available which are simply slotted over the unit and a simple turn of the steering wheel will provide your Caster reading.


    Adding the Rear Lasers to your kit will indicate any bend, twist or crabbing on the chassis.


    The laser units are all made from aircraft grade aluminium to ensure they will last and also give a great looking finish.


    Full instructions are provided which explain the principles of kart set-up and a step by step guide for using the Kelgate system.


    The available Kelgate Laser Master Kit contains both front and rear lasers as well as all accessories.


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