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KA4 Brake System

KA4 Brake System

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An adjustable caliper compatible with a 16mm disc - Ideal for when the distance between the pad and the disc needs to be set.

  • The distance between the pad and disc are set manually with adjusters on each side of the caliper.  This enables the pedal length to be set, especially useful to avoid small pedal movements causing any braking.


    Extremely rugged engineering combined with premium materials mean this system will comfortably operate in the harshest of environments.


    Brake system includes:


    Caliper fixings kit

    Set of pads (choose hard, med or soft)

    Caliper Bracket

    Brake Disc

    Disc Nut & Bolt set

    Disc Carrier

    Brake Hose (choose length to nearest 5cm)

    22mm Master Cylinder

    Brake Rod (choose 430 or 460mm)

    250ml Kelgate DOT5 Silicone Brake Fluid


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