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GT4 125 Gearbox 4 Wheel Brake System

GT4 125 Gearbox 4 Wheel Brake System

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A 3 Caliper system, ideal for 125cc Gearbox Karts

  • The rear caliper is the celebrated 2-pot GTK which is a perfect match for the two 2-pot calipers at the front which have tiered piston sizes to ensure even braking throughout.


    A bias bar on the Twin 18mm Master Cylinder enables the front/rear braking force to be adjusted to suit the driver and changing conditions.


    Rugged engineering, intelligent weight reduction and premium materials make this first choice in the 125 class.


    This system is complete with adjustable front hub assemblies, discs & carriers, calipers, brake rod, pipes, fluid and your choice of pads.

    This brake is fully Homologated for use in all CIK events as an OEM replacement on all karts.


    Designed for use with 125 & 250cc gearbox Karts and used by the top drivers thought the world, these brakes have a history of wins behind them.


    Please email us with your hose length and end fittment requirements as well as your preference for a T-Piece or Double Banjo configuration at the Master Cylinder.  All our hoses are custom made so almost any length/fitment combinations are possible.  For more details please see the seperate brake hose listing.


    A ceramic coated piston option is also available.

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