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Where quality comes    
Kelgate is dedicated to providing the highest quality products with a first class service.  Our friendly, helpful, and experienced team will ensure you have what you need when you need it.
We manufacture the highest quality Brake and Laser Alignment Systems from the UK, primarily but not exclusively designed for competition go-karts.  Our products are able to operate consistently and with longevity in the harshest of environments which is why they are the first choice for so many of our customers.
Manufactured in the UK and known globally the Kelgate brand has been on countless winning karts supporting champions in the Le Mans 24hrs, FIA-CIK European Championships, European Endurance and many more National classes. Many of the Kelgate brake systems are fully homologated and can therefore be used as an approved upgrade for your chosen chassis.
Click the images below to explore our range of brakes and laser systems
Kelgate GTK caliper, disc brake sytem
Kelgate Laser Alignment Maste Kit for Toe Camber Caster and Chassis / Axle Squareness readings
brake caliper
brake caliper
Vented Brake Disc
Rhombus shape
 High Quality Materials 
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